10 luxury items you want in your hotel room

10 luxury items you want in your hotel room

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The hotel industry has never been more competitive; therefore, you are far more likely to find spectacular luxury items in your hotel room. These are the 10 luxury items you want in your hotel room:

Baby Butlers and Baby Amenities

If you are traveling with a baby, many luxury hotels now offer baby butlers to either care for the baby or to provide parents with anything they could possibly require to ensure their baby also has a spectacular experience.

Smart Rooms

You will be able to control all aspects of the room by a control from the lights to the curtains. It is also likely that a smart room will be equipped with the most advanced technology available from charging stations to flat screen televisions in all rooms.

Room Service for Pets

Today, many people choose to travel with their pets and hotels are taking notice. Your best friend may have access to gourmet food, spa services, and clothes all conveniently delivered the room.

Customized Adventures

Some hotels are differentiating themselves from the competition by providing customized adventures for those guests seeking a bit more excitement such as taking a private jet to a secluded island for a bit of romance or a speedboat cruise through city waterways for rapid sightseeing.

Gourmet Foodie Experience

Luxury hotels are now offering private grilling areas and kitchens inside rooms and suites. You will be able to order food to grill and cook from room service for additional convenience.

Personal Monogrammed Robes and Slippers

Luxurious robes and slippers have been offered for decades. In recent years, certain luxury hotels have started to provide custom monogrammed robes and slippers for all guests to make their stay even more memorable.

Luxurious Bedding and Linens

If you are going to stay in a top hotel, you should expect that the bedding and linens will be at least as good as the ones you sleep on at home. Some hotels even sell their linen collections.


It is becoming more common that hotels at least offer adapters to borrow at the front desk, however certain hotels charge for such services and others do not provide enough adapters for all guests to be able to use them. Many top hotels provide adapters inside each room as additional luxury items.

Personalised Complimentary Amenities

If you frequent a luxury hotel with great consistency, they might fill your room with your favourite foods, drinks, and complimentary activities. Some will also provide custom welcome gifts, birthday packages, and more.

Flight Board and Weigh Station

One of the most impressive luxury items to have in your room is a flight board and weigh station. This is not yet common in all rooms, however many luxury hotels will have these items located somewhere in the hotel for everyone to use.

Hotels will always be trying to provide greater amenities and services than their competitors and you will only continue to benefit from their efforts. These luxury items are certain to ensure each guest leaves with incredible memories.


John goes on holiday 3 times a year. His favourite place is Cornwall, where he chooses to stay at The Alverton Hotel, for its fabulous service and luxurious rooms.

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