Latin America: Exploring Its Most Underestimated Destinations

Latin America: Exploring Its Most Underestimated Destinations

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Traveling is not always about visiting the most well-known places of the world and indulging yourself in a host of fun, frolic and adventurous activities with friends and family.

As a traveler who plans out each of his trips sagaciously, you might as well believe in having a very clear picture of the place you’re visiting. You listen to the experiences shared by your friends or neighbors who have already visited the place in question and are absolutely delighted in thronging the destination with a host of co-travelers – most of whom you don’t even know.

All that is ok. There’s nothing wrong in being a sagacious tripper who likes to plan out each of the trips thoroughly. But it’s also advisable that you leave some space for uncertainty. Don’t try to be an absolute control freak when it comes to traveling. There should be a sense of “discovery” when you reach your dream destination- even if you’re not visiting for the first time. It’s good to take advice of friends regarding road safety, food, special attraction etc, but don’t be afraid to explore. If you’re planning to visit some of the most famous tourist destinations in the coming year, make sure that you’re including some of the lesser-known traveling destinations of the world in your travel plan as well.

Adorned by the bounteous gifts of nature, these places promise no less delight than the leading destinations do. Given below are some of the most underrated tourist destinations of Latin America that can be a part of your travel plan for the coming years.

Some of the Most Beautiful but Lesser-Visited Travel Destinations of Latin America

  • Panama – Panama’s status as a tourist destination is often eclipsed by its neighbour Costa Rica. However, once its potentials are fully explored, it won’t be long before tourists start thronging this place. Owing to its uniquely strategic geographical placement it’s possible to visit both the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans on the same day. However, this is not the only reason why you should consider this place as a possible holiday retreat. The Panama City has emerged as the hub of posh restaurants, art galleries and cafes. The Chagres National Park is a definite stopover on your way to the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. This park has thriving rivers, rain forests, artesian aquifers and lakes.
  • Ecuador: Ecuador’s capital city, Quito was declared the first UNESCO World Heritage. It stands as one of the highest capitals in the world at 9,350 feet. Give yourself some days to acclimate here but do check it out. Take the pleasure of traversing both the northern and the southern parts of the world just by the virtue of a car ride. The equator passes through a village that can be reached by a car. The Las Cajas National Park near the Cuenca city can be checked out as well. Located at 10,000 feet this one presents a rare spectacle of the crystalline lakes reflecting the Andes. Cuenca itself has a substantial colonial history.
  • Uruguay: Founded in the year 1811, Uruguay remains one of the most beautiful places of Latin America. Do visit Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay for its serene picturesque beauty of sycamores and streets covered with cobbles.

Do Check Them Out!

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