Savouring the Eclectic Hospitality of Barcelona

Savouring the Eclectic Hospitality of Barcelona

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As one of the most popular cities in Europe, Barcelona luxury hotels are always busy – packed with visitors wanting to experience a taste of the culture. As the second largest city in Spain, and one of the largest in Europe, it is the ideal destination for those looking for a good time. Because of its fun reputation, the city boasts a wealth of excellent places to enjoy a meal or a relaxing drink in a bar. Whether you are a connoisseur of fine beers or just want to have a quiet pint with friends, the city is chock full of wonderful establishments.

Possibly even within a short walking distance of your choice of Barcelona luxury hotels, head over to Gata Mala for a drink before starting your night out. This bar is perfect for those looking for a place with minimal tourists and a great Spanish atmosphere. They make some of the bests tapas in Barcelona and give their patrons a free tapa with every drink. These delicious treats go perfectly with a a Spanish beer, but if your tastes run to something more sophisticated, the bar tender can whip you up a gin and tonic with cucumber and pepper.

A not to be missed spot for the beer lover is La Cerveteca – a true Mecca for beer enthusiasts. The mission at Cerveteca is to bring beers from every country around the world for their customers to enjoy. They stock more beers here than there are countries at the UN summit, including biological, alcohol-free and craft beers. Cerveteca is a great place for groups as, with such a great selection, even people who aren’t keen on beer are guaranteed to find something to enjoy. The bar is only until 11 p.m. so perhaps you could stop by on your way to dinner; its central location means it is close to many of the Barcelona luxury hotels.

Bar Mut serves some of the most unique and succulent tapas you’ll ever taste – along with a wonderful selection of beer, wines and spirits. With the very modern Gallic design (and the high prices to go with it), if you’re staying in nearby Barcelona luxury hotels this bar offers a one of a kind experience. With tapas ranging from carpaccio of sea urchin to a poached egg with chips and chorizo sauce, the excellent food is the perfect complement to the diverse menu of beers, wines and spirits.

When visiting this wonderful city you won’t have to go far to cover a range of experiences that are truly unique.


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