Hong Kong Kowloon – Destination Guide

Hong Kong Kowloon – Destination Guide

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Street scene of Hong Kong

If you’re reading this article right now, chances are that you already have your mind set on spending your next holiday at Hong Kong Kowloon. And what an exceedingly great choice that is; especially if it’s your first time visiting countries in that region. Why? First and foremost: if it’s your first time visiting countries in Eastern Asia, English is not widely spoken and conversing with the locals could be a challenge. Hong Kong is however different with just about everyone being able to speak the language; at least at conversational level. Although Cantonese is the country’s main language, English has been adopted and embraced in all areas such as schooling and business conversation throughout.

Besides language, traveling around in Hong Kong Kowloon is very easy and convenient, given the sophisticated mass transit system that has been installed throughout the island. Besides, it’s not that big a country and you would find lots of people walking and cycling on top of the many taxis and buses, found all along the main roads.

Is Hong Kong only for city dwellers? What about people who prefer nature? Although it is more vastly known for shopping, lights, sound, music and city entertainment, Hong Kong Kowloon is situated right next to the sea. That speaks something in itself when it comes to nature. Besides jumping onto one of the famous Star Ferry boats for a ride, there’s Hong Kong’s long time standing cable car that spans across the two islands. In addition to enjoying the view hanging above nothing but water, the strong ocean wind coming in from the open sea adds excitement to Hong Kong’s cable car ride. And there’s no better place to get on board one of the compartments than from Hong Kong’s very own Ocean Park which is home to the Pandas and other wildlife.

As for family travelers, Hong Kong is one giant entertainment complex. There’s endless amount of shopping for moms, places such as Disneyland that kids would simply love and a vast array of gadgets and electronics that dads could spend hours browsing through.

So we’ve answered a few questions here already: Hong Kong Kowloon is a great destination pick for family travelers, for people who love shopping and even for those who prefer nature. As for traveling around and about, there’s more than one easy public transportation option available.

Hence, we come to the next important question, which is: where to stay? There is no lack of hotel and accommodation when it comes to Hong Kong. Quite surprisingly though is that hotels in the more popular tourist areas, are almost always full. Here are some of our top picks which are located in the center of all the hustle and bustle; easy to travel to and from, provides top-notch service and offers truly comfortable stays: Novotel Hong Kong Nathan Road, Holiday Inn the Golden Mile and Kowloon Shangri-La (which is a bit on the expensive side but lives up to the rates).

Next, you can’t really say you’ve been to Hong Kong if you haven’t tasted a handful of the local food and delicacies. Besides so-called Chinese food such as noodles and dim sum, there are in fact a whole lot of menus to try. If you’re really up for the challenge, you might want to try some of the herb stews found at a few of the more traditional restaurants. Openrice.com is a restaurant guide for Hong Kong that foodies would love. The website is in English so there’s no harm doing a bit of research, before heading out for the next eating conquest.

Last but not least, Hong Kong is all about culture and tradition and most likely you’ll find yourself traveling during one of the countries many celebrated festivals that occur year-round. When it comes to Hong Kong, there is no such thing as a one-time visit.


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