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couple sitting in street in New York at sunset

For those who are planning a memorable holiday in NY, among the first things you must do is to check out the best central hotels. In New York, conveniently located accommodation will open up a huge piece of the city without having to travel so much. Bringing the whole family with you? Check out these attractions to make your stay exciting and entertaining for every member of the family.

Visit the animals at the Central Park Zoo

No matter where you may be in the world, the zoo is always a popular family attraction. The Central Park Zoo is a good place to bring the kids for an afternoon and they will love seeing all the wonderful animals – especially the famous sea lions and penguins. The Central Park Zoo is within easy walking distance of many central hotels in New York, so it is a very convenient attraction. With 130 species of animals, you may need to extend your visit to some of the world’s most well loved creatures.

Stop by the Museum of Modern Art

Want to see the famous Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh? This is your chance as this, and other notable artworks, can be found at the Museum of Modern Art. Art lovers, this is a must-see.

Max your credit card at Barneys

Are you a slave to retail? New York is your haven then! Barneys is known throughout the world for its wide selection of the most prestigious names in retail and will never be far from any of the central hotels in New York. Succumb to that pair of Manolo’s or snag that Prada bag you’ve always wanted – a holiday is the perfect excuse to spend on yourself.

Get cosy at the Brandy Library

Looking for a bit of adult fun? Get a sitter for the kids and check out the very posh Brandy Library and sample the stunning selection of, well, brandy! With its 1,000-bottle selection, you will definitely be impressed.

Head to Coney Island

Easily accessible from most of the central hotels in New York, one of the first places you must see is the Coney Island. For some good, wholesome family fun you can ride the rollercoaster, pig out on hotdogs and carnival food, and watch the Mermaid Parade.

Get back to golden days with FAO Schwarz

You’ll be flavour of the month if you treat the kids to some toys at the FAO Schwarz. This is among NY’s well-loved children’s stores and has been around since 1862.

Visit the Empire State Building

Visible from most of the central hotels in New York, the Empire State Building is a true icon of the city. It offers a chance to see the famous NY panorama day or night. It’s open from 8am to 2am so you have no excuse for missing this one!

Have some pizza at Franny’s

Pizza is one of the most popular food choices in the Big Apple and if you want nothing but the best, check out Franny’s. Their unique flavours are well worth trying. So if you’re craving an authentic pizza, this is the place to head to.

Get some porterhouse at Keens Steakhouse

Your visit to New York is the perfect opportunity to treat dad to the perfect steak. Keens Steakhouse has been a favourite for many years; their steaks are top notch and are cooked just the way you like them.

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HDR image of barcelona shopping streets

As one of the most popular cities in Europe, Barcelona luxury hotels are always busy – packed with visitors wanting to experience a taste of the culture. As the second largest city in Spain, and one of the largest in Europe, it is the ideal destination for those looking for a good time. Because of its fun reputation, the city boasts a wealth of excellent places to enjoy a meal or a relaxing drink in a bar. Whether you are a connoisseur of fine beers or just want to have a quiet pint with friends, the city is chock full of wonderful establishments.

Possibly even within a short walking distance of your choice of Barcelona luxury hotels, head over to Gata Mala for a drink before starting your night out. This bar is perfect for those looking for a place with minimal tourists and a great Spanish atmosphere. They make some of the bests tapas in Barcelona and give their patrons a free tapa with every drink. These delicious treats go perfectly with a a Spanish beer, but if your tastes run to something more sophisticated, the bar tender can whip you up a gin and tonic with cucumber and pepper.

A not to be missed spot for the beer lover is La Cerveteca – a true Mecca for beer enthusiasts. The mission at Cerveteca is to bring beers from every country around the world for their customers to enjoy. They stock more beers here than there are countries at the UN summit, including biological, alcohol-free and craft beers. Cerveteca is a great place for groups as, with such a great selection, even people who aren’t keen on beer are guaranteed to find something to enjoy. The bar is only until 11 p.m. so perhaps you could stop by on your way to dinner; its central location means it is close to many of the Barcelona luxury hotels.

Bar Mut serves some of the most unique and succulent tapas you’ll ever taste – along with a wonderful selection of beer, wines and spirits. With the very modern Gallic design (and the high prices to go with it), if you’re staying in nearby Barcelona luxury hotels this bar offers a one of a kind experience. With tapas ranging from carpaccio of sea urchin to a poached egg with chips and chorizo sauce, the excellent food is the perfect complement to the diverse menu of beers, wines and spirits.

When visiting this wonderful city you won’t have to go far to cover a range of experiences that are truly unique.

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Early evening on one of Amsterdams canals.

Are you looking for the perfect city break in Amsterdam? City hotel stays are a great option, offering the convenience of a central location with an exceptional standard of service and facilities. When choosing somewhere to spend your time in Amsterdam, city hotel options are plentiful. In true Dutch style customer service is always excellent, with hotels being extremely comfortable and complemented by all the added extra luxuries expected of high-class establishment. Most are designed in a contemporary style and offer spacious rooms and suites with en suite facilities. The larger hotels provide lavish spas and restaurants and some offer gym facilities. Restaurants are of an exemplary standard and menus are an eclectic fusion of Dutch and international delicacies.

This is a city that embraces a deep and interesting history while moving headlong into the future with a progressive, modern and liberal attitude. Inspiring and captivating in equal measures, Amsterdam will have you wanting to return for more. From the winding canals that criss cross the city to the quaint windmills that still turn in the wind, and from the hundreds of bicycles that traverse the streets to the stunning display of spring flowers that have made it famous, this is one of Europe’s most colourful and charming of cities.

Uncovering the best of Amsterdam

City hotel staff are an excellent source of local knowledge and can help recommend the best places to go and sites to see. Maps are available from your hotel or from the tourist information centre and are a must if you’re going to explore the city independently. The city squares and museums

Wandering the streets and absorbing the relaxed vibe is the best way of really getting a feel for the local culture. There are several famous squares in the city centre but one of the most famous is the Museumplein, which is home some excellent museums. The Van Gogh Museum is the most visited and is a must see on any art lover’s itinerary. Telling the story of the artist’s life and work the museum also houses some of his best artworks.

The Jewish Museum and Resistance Museum are also housed in the square and are both fascinating places to visit. Despite depicting the harsh reality of some the most horrific oppression in recent history, the museums raise poignant questions and highlights how far the city has come since those more sinister times. As an extension to this everyone should pay a visit The House Of Anne Frank. This old canal house, in which Anne and her family and friends hid for two years, brings the tough reality of the Nazi occupation to life and tells a very personal story of an important part of history.

Botanic gardens

If you feel like getting away from the city’s bustling streets and are looking for some tranquillity and peace, head to the Botanical Gardens. Home to a 2000 year old cactus and thousands of other plants, these gardens are believed to be the oldest in the world. Wander around at your own pace, soak up the peaceful atmosphere then perhaps enjoy a coffee in the charming café situated in the orangeries of the gardens.

A city break is a great way to see Amsterdam. City hotel accommodation is plentiful and always of an excellent standard. Some of the countries finest hotels are located in here so you know you won’t be disappointed.

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Evening sun in Florence, Italy

Tuscany is the indisputable heart of Italy and is well known throughout the world for its wonderful art history, its distinctive cuisine and its incredible scenery. People travel from all over the world to marvel at the Renaissance architecture, witness the stunning changing light over the rolling hills, and indulge in some of the simplest, yet most delicious gastronomy. Historically, this area has attracted many a famous poet, sculptor and artist who were captivated by its stunning beauty and charm; today the region is no different, retaining its allure and drawing visitors from all over the world.

If you want to explore this region at your leisure, discovering the beautiful hilltop towns and magnificent cities by day and luxuriating in the Tuscan sunsets in the evenings, opt to stay in one of the many rental villas in Tuscany. Reputable companies offer rental villas in Tuscany located in various towns and villages throughout the region. All are serviced to an impeccable standard and provide all the modern amenities and added extra luxuries you would expect from your holiday dream home.

Many of the villas in Tuscany available to rent were originally the private homes of Italian aristocracy and wealthy families. The long winding driveways, elegant entrance gates and signs of family history are often still very evident. Many villas have now had swimming pools added, along with other more modern conveniences. While the villas in Tuscany that are available to rent are more understated than the grand Medici homes of Florence and Lucca, they are no less authentic or special.


The Capital City

Florence is the famous capital city of this gorgeous region. Close to the other main cities of Siena, Pisa and Lucca it makes an ideal base for exploring the area. The city itself is fantastic for walking, with so much to see even without entering a museum. Everywhere you look there is something new to catch your eye; a legacy left from the glorious Renaissance age or a remnant of a more turbulent time when the Romans inhabited the city.

The museums and galleries of Florence are world famous for their exhibitions and are definitely worth a visit. The Uffizi Galleries house one of the most prestigious collections of art in the world, while the Academia Museum is home to the magnificent statue of David. Florence has many replicas of this statue but there is nothing that comes close to witnessing the real thing, which is a simply breathtaking piece of art.

Climb to the top of the dome in the cathedral and get really close to the fresco that adorns it; or why not climb the bell tower for some amazing panoramic views over the city and the surrounding hills? Make sure you wander into some of the city’s churches, such as Santa Croce and Santa Maria Novella, which have been decorated with more of the Renaissance art so adored in its day.

The city buzzes with local life and flavour and is an easy place to feel right at home in. Join the locals for their long lunches dining on simple pasta dishes and drinking wonderful wines. Indulge in an aperitivo before dinner and make one of the most important Italian gastronomic rituals a part of your every day. To finish the day, wander along to the Ponte Vechhio, the bridge that occupies the oldest street in Florence, and marvel at the exclusive jewellery displays in every window.

Villas in Tuscany are easy to find and there is an abundance of choice. No matter where you decide to stay you can be sure this form of accommodation will give you the chance to have a wonderful and very memorable holiday.

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Montepulciano, Tuscany

Italy is one of the most romantic places to visit in Europe, and with its incredible history, beautiful architecture, stunning scenery and rich culture, the allure of the place is endless. The central region is the Italy of the imagination. The hilltop towns dot the skyline and the ancient olive groves blanket the landscape. The stunning villas in Tuscany catch your eye and the abbeys, monasteries and castles are all prominent features. This region has so much to offer and any eager holidaymaker will not be disappointed. Whether you are interested in whiling away the days in the quaint villages, pounding the streets in the buzzing cities, walks in the countryside, or days at the lively markets, there will be something to suit any discerning traveller to the area.

Renting one of the many villas in Tuscany is an ideal accommodation option for anyone wanting to explore the region at their own leisure and have space in which to relax and unwind. There are specialised companies offering villas in Tuscany to rent and all are well serviced and professionally managed. There are villas to suit couples, families or groups of friends, and whether you prefer to be close to a city or hidden away in the hills there will be the perfect place for you.


The Chianti area is home to many villas in Tuscany and is a beautiful place to be based when exploring the region. Famous for its walled towns, stunning cities, medieval history and Andrea Botticelli, there is no shortage of attractions to be discovered here. The capital of the Chianti is Siena, and this city is worthy of at least a day’s sightseeing. The streets spiral out from the main square in the centre, the famous Campo, which is dominated by the Torre del Mangia and the exquisite Fountain of Joy in the centre. The cathedral, although smaller than the one in Florence, showcases a magnificent mosaic floor and is certainly worth a visit. With over 40 artisans contributing, the floor, consisting of fifty-six panels is one of the most ornate in Italy.

Italy is synonymous with excellent food and wonderful wine and this region has both in abundance. The famous vineyards surrounding the towns of Montalcino and Montapulciano have made the sangiovese grape one of the most prestigious in the world, and Chianti wine is now a protected product in Italy. The sheep’s cheese, pecorino, a staple throughout Italy, is the tasty, deep flavoured cheese made in the tiny town of Pienza. It is a really nice idea to explore the markets in the small towns, sample the fruits of the fertile soils here and maybe take some local delights home to enjoy in the luxury of your own villa.

There is no shortage of activities in the Chianti region. San Gimignano, also well known for its wine, is another quaint Italian hilltop town with a rich history and wonderful views.

You can bathe in thermal pools, visit the set of The English Patient, join the Italian aperitivo hour and simply revel in the vibrant atmosphere. However you decide to spend your holiday in Chianti you will have a memorable and special time.

Most villas in Tuscany have an outside eating and a shared or private pool, so spending time relaxing and watching the sinking of the Tuscan sun is not just a distant daydream – it is your holiday reality.


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Sunset in Red Square Moscow

Situated in East Europe and connected to the Mediterranean, the Black Sea is bordered by six countries, namely Georgia, Turkey, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria which is why this region is known to be a cultural, historical and aesthetic treasure chest. The region has started to attract many tourists, tired of traveling to the overcrowded Mediterranean, and Black Sea cruises are gaining popularity. A Black Sea cruise will take you on a journey through lands best known for their rich history, variation in terrains, cultures and traditions. Those interested in marine life will find this journey especially informative, as the Black Sea is teeming with life. In fact, its name is derived from the micro organisms present in the sea that inks the waters with black sediment.

The Main Attractions

Odessa, the region’s most sophisticated city, attracts visitors for its fine architecture and magnificent parks. The city’s most famous attribute is the Potemkin Steps, immortalized in the film Battleship Potemkin. The city is also home to numerous therapeutic resorts. On the Crimean Peninsula, you can enjoy sunny mornings in the historically famous cities of Yalta and Sevastopol. Istanbul is the most prominent gateway to the Sea and is included as a major port in many cruise itineraries. Some Greek ports are also listed by a few cruises.

There are beaches at every port for those who love soaking up sun but more than the beach bums, it’s the culture and history aficionados that are drawn to this region. Whether it’s exploring cobbled, medieval styles streets or visiting Yalta, where Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt gathered to redraw the map of Europe at the end of World War II, the entire region offers so much to the intellect that one could spend a considerably long time there and learn something fascinating every day.

Visually, the region is full of beauty, reminiscent of a time long ago. Some of the coastal roads have been described as ‘unforgettably spectacular’ and numerous cities here are known for their fantastic architecture.

Foodies will be delighted to know that the Black Sea is a delight to the palate, with a wide variety of tastes to choose from. So after feasting your eyes, you can fill up your stomach with meat dumplings, a variety of sweet dishes and other mouth watering preparations.

A cruise down the Black Sea may be quite an enriching, unforgettable experience. Who wouldn’t want to bask in the splendor of a region that marries old fashioned beauty with modern amenities? It’s a smorgasbord for the senses and is still relatively untouched by tourists, making it a romantic getaway from the daily humdrum.

The Vacation in Moscow most famous Cruise Russia attribute is the Potemkin Steps, immortalized in the film Battleship Potemkin. Please check our services..

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Travel Articles - St Petersburg

Whether it’s to witness magnificent architectural structures, fascinating museums and art galleries or just canoodle along the canals, the St. Petersburg, Russia, tours are becoming more popular amongst international tourists. A vacation in St. Petersburg is a peek into a bygone era of opulence and decadent beauty. The Tsars were known for their love of luxury, while the common folk were beset with poverty. Because of this, a Russian vacation provides one with a very unique experience. You can visit the grand cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg to get a taste of the luxurious lifestyle and love for beauty of the royals or you can visit the golden ring towns in between these two to see Russian life at its simplest.

St. Petersburg, build upon swampland, was fashioned after Venice and London. The canals are reminiscent of Venice and river tours are the most popular way to explore the city. Most of those who visit St. Petersburg travel to other cities as well like Ukraine and in order to ensure they gain the most out of their journeys, most sign up for packaged tours. These tours spend at least one night in St. Pete’s, giving travelers the opportunity to discover the city for themselves. The city has something for everyone. The architecture of the famous cathedrals and churches will delight history buffs and those shopping for souvenirs will be satiated in Nevsky’s Prospekt, a city square that is home to numerous stalls. Travelers looking for offbeat experiences can visit Lenins’ Mausoleum, placed right in the center of the square. There are also numerous graveyards and cemeteries one can visit as well as palaces with macabre stories attached to them. Those looking for culinary delights will be pleased to find many restaur ant and eateries that serve blinis, borscht and other Russian delicacies as well as the finest vodka and beer in the world. Those in love with the great Russian literary masters will be enthralled visiting this city, as most Russian writers, including Tolstoy, have immortalized St. Petersburg in their books.

To truly absorb the feel of this city, one needs to spend at least two or three days exploring the nooks and crannies. St. Petersburg is a city immersed in history and beauty, with plenty of sights to see. On top of that, it’s connected to numerous other interesting cities such as Helsinki and Moscow and traveling to and fro is quite easy. Anyone visiting Russia would certainly be pleased visiting this city, a glittering gem in the treasure box of mother Russia.

Most of those who Visit Russian Rail to other cities as well like Ukraine and in order to ensure they gain the most out of their journeys offered by

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Travel Articles - Bahamas

If you’re traveling tо оr planning а vacation іn thе Bahamas уоu mіght bе interested іn knowing а lіttlе аbоut thе area.

Thе Commonwealth оf thе Bahamas іѕ аn independent English-speaking nation іn thе West Indies. Whеrе іn thе world аrе they? Thе Bahamas аrе located іn thе Atlantic Ocean, east оf Florida іn thе US, north оf Cuba аnd thе Caribbean, аnd west оf thе British dependency оf thе Turks аnd Caicos Islands.

Thе Bahamas аrе а group оf аbоut 700 islands іn thе western Atlantic Ocean, оf whісh оnlу bеtwееn 30 аnd 40 аrе inhabited. Thаt mау sound lіkе а large place but оn а comparison basis, thе Bahamas аrе оnlу slightly smaller thаn thе state оf Connecticut.

Thе largest оf thе islands іѕ Andros Island, located 120 miles south-east оf Florida. Thе Bimini islands аrе tо іtѕ northwest. Tо thе North іѕ thе island оf Grand Bahama, home tо thе ѕесоnd largest city іn thе country, Freeport, Bahamas.

Thе island оf Great Abaco іѕ tо іtѕ east. In thе vеrу south іѕ thе island оf Great Inagua, thе ѕесоnd largest island іn thе country.

A fеw facts аnd figures: Nassau іѕ thе capital аnd largest city, located оn Nеw Providence. Thе islands hаvе а subtropical climate, moderated bу thе Gulf Stream. Mоѕt people аrе ethnic Christians, аnd English іѕ thе official language.

Thе islands аrе surface projections оf thrее oceanic banks, thе Lіttlе Bahama Bank, thе Great Bahama Bank аnd thе westernmost Cay Sal Bank. Thе highest point іѕ оnlу 2480 inches (just lеѕѕ thаn hаlf а mile) аbоvе sea level оn Cat Island; thе island оf Nеw Providence, whеrе thе capital city оf Nassau іѕ located, reaches а maximum elevation оf оnlу 1,457 inches.

Thе land оn thе Bahamas hаѕ а foundation оf fossil coral, but muсh оf thе rock іѕ oolitic limestone; thе stone іѕ derived frоm thе disintegration оf coral reefs аnd seashells. Thе land іѕ primarily еіthеr rocky оr mangrove swamp. Lоw scrub covers muсh оf thе surface area. Timber іѕ fоund іn abundance оn fоur оf thе northern islands: Grand Bahama, Great Abaco, Nеw Providence, аnd Andros. On ѕоmе оf thе southern islands, low-growing tropical hardwood flourishes.

Althоugh ѕоmе soil іѕ vеrу fertile, іt іѕ аlѕо vеrу thin. Onlу а fеw freshwater lakes аnd јuѕt оnе river, located оn Andros Island, аrе fоund іn thе Bahamas.

Thе climate іn thе Bahamas іѕ semitropical. Thеу hаvе оnlу twо seasons, summer аnd winter.

Durіng thе summer, whісh extends frоm Mау thrоugh November, thе climate іѕ dominated bу warm, moist tropical air masses moving north thrоugh thе Caribbean. Midsummer temperatures range frоm 70° tо 93° F wіth а relative humidity оf 60- 100%.

In winter months, extending frоm December thrоugh April, thе climate іѕ affected bу thе movement оf cold polar masses frоm North America. Temperatures durіng thе winter months range frоm 59° tо 75° F.

Yearly rainfall averages 52 inches annually аnd іѕ uѕuаllу concentrated іn thе May-June аnd September-October periods. Rainfall оftеn occurs іn short-lived, fаіrlу intense showers accompanied bу strong gusty winds.

Winds аrе predominantly easterly thrоughоut thе year but tend tо bесоmе northeasterly frоm October tо April аnd southeasterly frоm Mау tо September. Thеѕе winds seldom exceed 15 mph реr hour еxсерt durіng hurricane season.

Althоugh thе hurricane season officially lasts frоm June tо November, mоѕt hurricanes іn thе Bahamas occur bеtwееn July аnd October. Thе lаѕt hurricane tо strike wаѕ Hurricane David іn September 1979. Damage wаѕ estimated аt US$1.8 million аnd mаіnlу affected agricultural products. Thе mоѕt intense twentieth-century hurricane tо strike thе Bahamas wаѕ іn 1929. Winds оf uр tо 140 mph wеrе recorded. Mаnу lives wеrе lost, аnd thеrе wаѕ extensive damage tо buildings, homes, аnd boats.

Don’t lеt thе hurricanes аnd heat scare you. Thе Bahamas аrе а wonderful place tо vacation, аnу time оf thе year. Pick uр уоur sunglasses, find уоur swim suit аnd call уоur travel agent today!

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Travel Ariticles - Rodin Museum

Paris is well known as one of the capitals of art in the world, with many notable painters hailing from the fine city or venturing there for inspiration. But while it is the home of painting, certainly, this is not the only form of creative expression to thrive within the French capital.

Fans of sculpture are in for a treat, especially if they decide to visit the iconic Auguste Rodin Museum, which is filled with neoclassical works and fascinating insights into the sculptor’s life.


Considered to be one of the world’s greatest sculptors, Rodin has been credited with innovating sculpture and giving it a more conspicuous place within modern art. Born in 1840, the French sculptor was schooled traditionally, took a craftsman-like approach to his work, and desperately sought academic recognition. However, he was never accepted into Paris’ paramount school of art. Instead, the artist was viewed as somewhat of a rebel, with his turbulent clay surfaces and pocketed textures.

Rodin’s style did not go well with the predominant figure sculpture tradition and he faced much criticism during his life for not following the decorative, formulaic and thematic works being generated by the other artists.

He modelled many of his works on the human body, infusing realist themes, focusing on honesty and individuality in relation to forms. Rodin veered away from mythology and sculpting only the rich and famous, following a more modern approach and respecting physicality instead.

Controversy was always close to the artist, but he stuck fast and refused to change his ways, eventually earning commendation from the French government as well as the artistic community. By the year 1900, he was a world-renowned sculptor, earning wealthy private clients who would pay phenomenal sums to own an example of his work. Towards the end of his life, Rodin mixed almost exclusively with high profile intellectuals and artists, marrying his lifelong companion Rose Beuret in the last year of both their lives.

In the years after his death, his legacy remained solid as he cemented his name among some of the world’s most remembered sculptors. He was also widely known outside the visual arts world.

Rodin Museum

With such popularity in Paris and further afield, it only made sense for a museum of his work to be opened. In 1916, he handed his diverse collection over to the government, which included both his drawings and sculptures and following his death in 1917 at the age of 77, his work was quickly underway to showcase his achievements.

The Musee Rodin opened to the public on August 4th 1919 and contains a overwhelming number of bronze, marble, plaster, terracotta and wax sculptures. It also features a wide selection of ceramics, paintings and drawings hanged on the walls, as well as works from Renoir, Monet and Van Gogh which were from Rodin’s personal collection.

Located in Hotel Biron, the museum and garden are beautiful to behold, with surprises around every corner and plenty of stunning designs to catch the imagination of visitors. The Rodin Museums in no doubt to be included on the Paris tours of all art lovers.

Fine artist based in the UK, Walter is always travelling to the main European capitals in search for old and new attractions. For the traveller looking for attractions in Paris, Walter suggests a visit to the Musee Rodin.

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Travel Articles - London

Tourists who are travelling to London, often are at a loss of ideas, on what to do and see in London. They ask their friends or search for things to do in London and how to make their holidays as one of the best entertaining and fulfilled one.

There are also many group things to do in London that can be only enjoyed in a group like going to a circus or a fair.

Things to do in London:

People can visit a serious place like the Victorian Highgate cemetery in Swain’s Lane, which is famous for tombstones of celebrities like Karl Marx and George Eliot. People who love plants can visit Surrey to the royal botanical garden. This place is famous for its largest collection of living plants on earth. Bookings can also be made in advance.

The other good things to do in London is to visit the famous Trafalgar square and attend free films, and see revolving sculptures along with other attractions. Children can be taken to the Lee Valley Regional Park, that is spread over 26 miles up to River Thames from Ware. This place is famous for many bird reserves and nature parks. History can be seen in the form of a lighthouse from the year 1864. This can be a cool thing to do in London for the kids.

The National History Museum can also be visited with the family that include the ancient life galleries from the time of 1880, the famous dinosaur skeleton with the blue whale attraction.

The Nation’s biggest art gallery and one of the oldest and finest in the world, this famous museum boasts vast Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek, Roman, European and Middle Eastern galleries, among many others.

People who like personal entertainment can go with their group of friends to the south bank center for cabarets, music and drama that also includes dance. The art lovers can visit the Royal academy of Summer Exhibitions to view spectacular paintings, models, sculptures, photographs and drawings. The Tate Modern can also be visited as one of the group things to do in London with friends. This place is dedicated to the modern art and is visited by thousands of tourists. Other landmark places to visit and see are the London Tower Bridge.

A visit to London can not be left behind without visiting the famous churches like St. Paul’s Cathedral, that is built during the times of year 1700’s. Other cool things to do in London is to visit the Buckingham palace and see the Queen’s residence. The changing of the Guard can also be seen every morning at the palace during the summer and the winter times.

Tourists can then visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum, the London Palladium theatre, the Windsor Castle, Madame Tussaud’s Museum, do some photography or visit the Wiener Library.

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