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Mountain image of Scotland
Image courtesy of Angel Gil

Scotland is a nation built on dynamism and creativity. It is loaded with amazing food, exquisite architectures, serene locations and above all an intriguing history. If you’re chomping at the bit to revitalize your life during this arduous weather, then you need to start planning for an unforgettable visit to this amazing country.

Forget about the myth that Scotland is closed during winter – for there’s plenty to see and do. From the ancient castles to majestic mountains; wildlife watching to warm distilleries, we sample a couple of activities and opportunities this stunning nation has to offer.


There’s no better way to beat the cold than getting physical and no better country than Scotland in which to do exactly that. Thanks to its exhilarating terrain and relaxed atmosphere, the country boasts five winter sports centres, Cairngorm Mountain, Glenshee, Glencoe, The Lecht and Nevis Range which offer skiing and boarding for literally all abilities.

Winter Walking

Scottish mountains are at their most glamorous during this time of the year. Relatively quiet days, ice and clear blue skies transform the peaks of these mountains to their brilliant best. From mountain walking to leisurely strolls, Scotland stands tall as the ideal destination where you can get out and transform those torturing winter moments into unforgettable fun-time.

Ice Climbing

Not all regions of Scotland look alike. The Scottish Highlands for instance is a beautiful yet hostile mountainous environment with unpredictable weather and rugged climbing conditions. The climbing is nothing short of superb. Without doubt, Scotland is the best place in the world to put your ice climbing skills and techniques into good use.

Scotland Winter Festivals

As the nights get longer and the days colder, Scotland beams with joy and comes alive. Whether it is the Burns Night, the Celtic Music Festival or the annual Loony Dook, fantastic festivals and exciting events take place across this destination during the winter. The Stonehaven Fireball Festival is one festival not to miss out on this year. Thousands come to watch this historic event on the North Sea where at least 60 daring people parade swinging 16 pound balls of fire around themselves.

The Whiskey Season

Scottish wine is famous in literary all remote corners of the world. If you’ve tasted it you’ll know why. There are hundreds of working distilleries producing copious volumes of this famous drink. Even in the mid-winter many of these distilleries are open to anyone for tours and tastings. There are a good number of distilleries within a short drive from either Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Scottish food this winter

Whether it’s a hearty stew or a plateful of smoked salmon, there are a dozen reasons to cherish Scottish food. Fall in love with the Haggis, marvel at Scotch beef, sample the mouth-watering seafood (scallops, langoustine and lobster), envy the Scottish scones and satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with Scottish strawberries. Simply put, you cannot get enough of the expansive menu of the land of bagpipes (nick-name for Scotland).

Explore The Castles

Scottish Castles such as St Andrews from Castlemount have a certain Romantic thing about them. If winter has you thinking about moats, turrets and crenelated roof-lines, then Scotland is the ultimate place to be. Not only is it home to some of the world’s most sought-after castles but it boasts a deeply inspiring history which every traveler should strive to learn more about this winter.

There are many reasons why Scotland should be your number one travel destination this (and coming) winter. You’ve got to visit this great destination to believe it.

Thaliand patong beach

Image credit: sunset at Patong Beach

The world is only getting smaller, or so they say. And it seems that more and more of us are taking full advantage of that fact, with thousands upon thousands of Britons jetting off to exotic climes to explore what planet Earth has to offer every year.

Of course, if you’re going to be jumping into a big metal bird to discover pastures new, you’ll have to consider how you’ll be funding these adventures. Perhaps the most sensible, and most rewarding, way to pay for a gap year (or several) is by teaching English. Here is our pick of the top ten places in the world to use that TEFL qualification – in no particular order!

1. Thailand

It’s the Mecca of many a traveller, and it’s not hard to see why. If the fantastic cuisine and gorgeous scenery isn’t enough to tempt you, perhaps the fascinating Eastern culture will be. It’s a great chance to explore the Buddhist way of life. Many people come back from Thailand feeling like the experience changed them – find out why!

2. Spain

Perhaps you learned Spanish at school, or maybe you’ve always wanted to try your hand at figuring out how to say a little more than “dos cervezas por favor”. At any rate, practising your Spanish skills isn’t the only reason to visit. With the country playing host to such vastly different areas as the buzzing Ibiza and the cultural hotspot Barcelona, there’s lots to see. Don’t miss the Dali museum in Figueres.

3. China

The Chinese way of life is vastly different to here in the UK, and it’s perhaps this contrast that attracts so many English teachers to the country. Plus, there are an estimated 300million people learning English in the country at any one time, so it’s pretty easy to find work. Visit both the rural areas and the big cities like Shanghai and Beijing to get a sense of the diversity of China.

4. Italy

Mamma Mia! The red tape that you might need to go through to get a job would be well worth it for the incredible food alone. You will never look at a packet of pasta in the supermarket in quite the same way again. Visit Rome, Florence and Venice, but also make time to see Lake Garda – the scenery will take your breath away.

5. Dubai

If you’re a fan of all things flash then Dubai is going to be right up your street; the place is synonymous with designer luxury. But even if you don’t know your Prada from your Primark, it might be wise to factor Dubai into your travels, as the wages are incredibly attractive for English teachers.

6. Japan

You will never, ever, visit anywhere else like Japan. And apart from the wonderful eccentricity, there’s a truly fantastic teaching programme in the form of the government-run JET (the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme). Competition is tough, however, and for good reason – flights are often provided, and the support is excellent. A place on the JET programme is pretty much a golden ticket in the TEFL world.

7. Russia

Don’t be put off by any preconceptions you may have about Russia. It’s a fascinating country and one well worth visiting – you’ll be blown away by the beauty of the architecture in Moscow, and the vast Lake Baikal is certainly not to be missed. What’s more, native English speaking teachers are scarce, so finding work should be a doddle.

8. Czech Republic

The sheer loveliness of the medieval cobbled streets and architecture of cities like Prague is reason enough to spend some time teaching in the Czech Republic, but another perfectly valid motive is the lesson you’ll learn in how to really drink beer. Plus, as the economy is growing demand is high for English lessons.

9. Poland

Now a peaceful country that is on its way up economically, Poland’s history is rich and sometimes heartbreaking, but the tenacity and warmth of its people will serve to inspire any visitors. Plus, because the country is now part of the EU, there’s an ever increasing demand for English teachers.

10. Brazil

The beaches, warm hospitality and fantastically diverse culture are surely enough to attract you to this glorious country, but it’s perhaps the exotic mystery of the Amazon rainforest that really appeals. If you can get on a tour, do it. You’ll have the most incredible experience of your life.

Why not try to tick off all ten? Have fun in your adventures!

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Image courtesy of © Dillif

Christmas time in London offers a wide range of events to consider when you make your holiday plans. Spending Christmas time in this beautiful city can be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. You can buy exquisite Christmas presents, decorate your place for the season, indulge in entertaining activities and even choose from a lot of Christmas pantomimes. There are also exhibitions and ice skating rinks throughout this vibrant city. Here are some things to do in London during this time of the year.

Winter Activities for Tourists – Ice skating will be the most fun and entertaining activity with your loved ones or friends. During the Christmas season, there are various ice skating rinks throughout the city. You can easily look for one online. Ice skating rings at Somerset House, Hampton Court Place, Tower of London and Royal Botanical Gardens are quite popular. The last one even offers heritage rides with carriages and horses.

In order to watch beautiful winter views, you can visit the Old Royal Naval College and Greenwich Park. You will be amazed by the scenic beauty and exceptional landscapes. Another activity you might love during the winter season is cycling around some excellent cycling routes in this beautiful city. You can even take your loved ones for a walk in the Royal Park.
Christmas Feast – A traditional Christmas lunch in the city will be perfect in the winter season. You can book a ticket on the Christmas Day Lunch Cruise and enjoy the soothing waters while cruising through the River Thames. Many different companies offer such exceptional cruises. You can also enjoy a traditional British breakfast and a British Christmas lunch while watching London from the river.

A visit to the London Eye is also must. It is located at the South bank of the River Thames. It will give you some exceptional panoramic views of the city with glittering and bright lights. A single look at the city from such a height will win your heart instantly. You will be able to see shining lights up to 40 Kms in every direction from one of the world’s tallest wheels of observation.
High-Class London Shopping – The capital city of England has always been famous for its high-end retail outlets and fashion brands. You can shop for apparel, gifts, electronics and almost everything you want. During Christmas, most brands offer some great discounts. For a lavish experience, you can visit Harrods, Selfridges, Hamleys, Harvey Nichols, Marks & Spencer, Fortnum & Mason, Liberty, Topshop and so on. Your kids can also spend some time with Santa Claus in these places.

London offers a lot of options to tourists in the winter season. At this time of the year, you see this city from a different perspective. You will not see Londoners rushing to work or taking trains and buses to reach places. People will be relaxed, joyful and happy. You will definitely have a good time. A trip to this beautiful city during the Christmas season will be one of your most memorable experiences. You will never be able to forget this trip ever. These days, you can even look online for travel and accommodation options such as Eccleston Square Hotel.

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guardian lion at forbidden city
Image courtesy of © d'n'c

It is now two months that I’ve lived in Beijing and I want to share some facts for people like me who would like to live in Beijing, and to discover China.

Where to live in Beijing?

Beijing is a huge city, with 23 million people. If you want to live in fairly international, friendly neighbourhoods, I recommend three locations…

Wu Dao Ku

Located a bit out of the city center, this area is a student corner.  Some main universities in the city are there so the atmosphere is pretty cool and young. And most importantly, the rental prices are good – about 30 % cheaper than in Beijing center.

Business District

Between Chaoyangmen, where I live, surrounded by two sparkling buildings and Guomao street. The business district is a quiet and friendly neighbourhood, but expensive. It will cost at least 600-700 euros for a single studio apartment.

San Li Tun

Literally meaning three (san = 3) li (1 li = 500 meters) in Chinese, Sanlitun is located 1.5 km from the center.  The place is full of shops (including an Apple Store), bars, restaurants and embassies. A nice place to live or for a night out.


Hutongs is the traditional quarter in Beijing, made of low houses and narrow streets. Usually hidden behind large modern avenues and endangered, some of these homes are destroyed for reasons of real estate speculation. The hutongs are generally cheap and some may have similar comfort to Western living standards. Admittedly, this kind of neighborhood is not very enticing. But insecurity is virtually nonexistent in Beijing, you can walk alone in the middle of the night safely, so there’s nothing to fear.

Have the cash in reserve

If you are looking for accommodation in Beijing, exception to the suburbs Wu Dao Kou and Hutong, rents are very expensive. 300-400€ is the kind of rental price for a shared room, or 600€ for a single studio. In addition, you pay three months in advance, plus one month deposit and one month for estate agency fee ( if you go through an agency). You should count on at least 1,000 euros in cash upon arriving in Beijing (€ 2,000 for comfort).

Useful Sites

Here are some useful websites for your life in Beijing. : a very good site for everything. Find a job, teaching English classes, buy used furniture. The site is free and frequented primarily by English : A major French forum in China will give you all the answers to your questions. You can also offer trips to meet with French or English people living in Beijing.

Make Money in Beijing

A good way to make money quickly in Beijing is to teach a foreign language. Salaries are about 100 to 150 kuaïs /time (12 to 18 euros). This is a good salary when restaurant meals cost about 20 to 40 kuaïs per meal and a taxi is around 10-20 kuaïs. Apply for Jobs on The Beijinger site, you can quickly find many students as Chinese people want to learn English.

Note: 10 hours of classes per week to 100 individuals = 4000 kuaïs per month (about 500 euros). About the same as the salary of office workers in Beijing, or average rent for your apartment .

Transport in Beijing

Taxi drivers do not speak English. Learn basic Chinese to make them understand you. Smartphones with a translation tool can also be very handy. At times, you can’t find taxi’s in rush hour periods. Be active, when you see a free taxi, go for it. Otherwise if you go through an illegal taxi, negotiate the price for not being ripped off . For forgetting to negotiate before , pay 50 Kuais (6 euros) for 5 km to a fake taxi instead of 12-15 Kuais to the normal rate. Enquire about the distance in advance and the price of a taxi. For a rough gauge, 1 euro = 8.24 kuaïs.

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bride and groom at maltese seaview

Having visited Malta, many people are captured by its natural beauty. May it be its breath-taking landscape, its unique mix of cultures, its friendly and open-minded people or its impressive past which is still visible today –the Maltese islands are like nowhere else. It is hardly surprising that many people from around the world decide to spend their most important day in life here because although being small in size, Malta offers the perfect conditions to let your dream of a perfect and unique wedding come true. The island boasts of lovely sunny weather, fascinating architecture, crystal clear waters and resorts and accommodation for every taste and budget. Make a lifetime memory by getting married in Malta and turn your dream wedding into reality!

Whatever your dream looks like – may it be a wedding by the seaside, in a garden, at one of the many historic locations or at a hotel or restaurant, you will find the perfect location to say your vows.
Counting with over 7000 years of history behind it, the island has some of the best historic wedding venues to choose from. Most of these historic locations offer breath taking views of Malta`s country scenery or of the azure of the Mediterranean and contribute to the romantic wedding atmosphere.

Garden weddings have earned quite a reputation as wedding locations in Malta as there can be found a large selection of gardens in the island. With most of them having professionally sculptured grounds, Maltese gardens are the ideal venue for perfect wedding photos.

If it is a more traditional wedding you are looking for, there are approximately 365 churches in Malta ranging from the lavish cathedrals with a Baroque style in Valletta and Mdina, to lovely chapels in the picturesque countryside.

For the evening celebration, you can decide on whatever form you wish – may it be a meal or cocktail party or a lavish reception, at reception halls, higher class restaurants or luxurious hotels. Experienced wedding planners can be hired in order to help you planning the most important day in your life and ensure that nothing is overlooked during that special day.
But the Maltese Islands do not just offer a wide range of possibilities to turn your dream wedding into reality they are also a great destination for honeymooning. Besides of offering special honeymoon suites with stunning views as well as other couple-focused amenities, it is its diverse number of sightseeing places and activities – from relaxing or cultural to adventurous that attracts loved up newlyweds to the islands.

Seeking romantic relaxation, be pampered by the latest treatments and facilities, offered at Malta’s SPA’s, tantalise your taste buds with the island’s delicious flavours and experience the finest dining from Malta’s top chefs or visit the island Comino with its truly fascinating Blue Lagoon.

If it is culture and sports which highlights your honeymoon vacation, explore Malta`s many UNESCO World Heritage sites, medieval churches and galleries or outdoor activities like water sports, climbing and cycling.

The Westin Dragonara Resort offers a full wedding service, complete with the assistance of our in house wedding specialist that will assist in every single wedding details, be it ceremony related, reception related and even tips about invitations, favours and the wedding gown.

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Meribel Ski Resort

Who doesn’t dream of vacationing in France? The country of famous wines and cheeses, historic cities, castles, churches, beautiful countryside and sunny beaches. Yet we are not to forget the wonderful possibilities for winter sports here. Skiing in France can make you feel like you truly are in a wonderland, and with a holiday home in France you can be sure you made the best choice for spending your vacation.

Skiing in the third largest country in Europe will guarantee you some real fun in the snow because it has a great variety of excellent ski resorts. To get a better idea about skiing in this country, here are some useful tips and information.

Some of the best ski areas in France are: The Three Valleys in the Alps, Espace Killy and Port du Soleil.

Now it’s one thing to know the perfect regions for skiing and winter sports, but because we would like you to have the best of the best when it comes to vacationing in this land, we dug a little deeper. When we talk about ski resorts in France, there are more than a few worth mentioning: Val d’Isére, Meribel, Val Thorens, Tignes, Les Arcs, Courchevel, La Plagne, Alpe d’Huez, Les Deux Alpes, Chamonix, and these hosting only a small part of the country’s wide array of winter sports opportunities. You can find more information here.

So, let’s see what some of these marvelous places have to offer for you to spend a unique skiing holiday, with your loved ones.

Val D’Isère

Open from November 30, 2013 to May 4, 2014, in the Espace Killy area, Val D’Isère is one of the few resorts in the world to stage the World Cup, World Championship and Olympic competitions. Its 150 km of ski piste (between 1550 m to 3450 m) for mixed abilities, also sets this resort among the top ten in the world when it comes to ski area size. You will also find 44 km of cross country pistes, and around 50 ski lifts. This is the venue chosen by the International Ski Federation, to stage the first European downhill race in the annual World Cup each December. After a long day on the adventurous slopes, let’s see though what is the après ski atmosphere here is like. Dick’s T Bar for example is known for its videos and lasers, Le Graal is another major nightlife attraction and let’s not forget La Foret, a cozy place where you can let out your free spirit in a song, with karaoke nights.

When you get hungry, you’ll have plenty of restaurants to choose from, where you can indulge yourself with traditional french food (le plat du jour with the house wine is highly recommended), as well as international cuisine. Some places to consider would be Les Clochetons at the bottom of the Santons pistes, La Ferme (a rustic treat) in the mountains, La Grande Ourse and Sur La Montagne at the resort.


In the Three Valleys area, open from the 7th of December 2013 to the 25th of April 2014, has 150 km of ski piste (1100 m to 2950 m), 33 km of cross country pistes and 61 ski lifts. Méribel has more high-speed gondola lifts than any other resort in the world these days. Given its location, this resort allows you to make the best of the Three Valleys area. If you get really caught up into the winter sports activities, why not try to help others enjoy what you know to be wonderful leisure time: the ski and snowboarding school here employs staff that are able to teach in some of the world’s major languages.

When you decide to leave the “slippery slopes” for a bit and enjoy a nice meal, here’s where you can try some delicious dishes: L’Allodis, with a fabulous terrace (menu a la carte €30 to €40), or if you want to try something a bit fancier, La Fruitière has a unique layout, specializing in Savoyard dishes (prices from €50 to €60). As for après ski facilities, you will find some of the liveliest ones in the area here.


150km of Piste (1550 m to 3450 m), with the Grand Motte glacier, accessed by underground funicular, it is open from October 10, 2013 to May 4, 2014. With 20 km of cross country pistes, 47 ski lifts, 216 snow cannons, your skiing vacation is guaranteed to be a fun one here. Up at the Grande Motte glacier there are numerous wide gentle trails for beginners, while the intermediates can enjoy the 100 blue or red runs. Runs like ‘The Wall’ and the ‘Double M’ are a real challenge for the experts, the Aiguille Percée has also a fearsome reputation.

As for restaurants here, you can try out Lo Soli at the top of the Chaudannes chair, The Chalet du Pain for a quick lunch, or Pignatta for pizzas. You can experience the nightlife in places like Val Claret, The Drop Zone with live music, and Grizzly’s.


Open from December 7, 2013 to April 26, 2014, with 152 km of piste, The Grand Montets is a major part of Chamonix’s reputation, as well as L’Aiguille du Midi with the famous 22km off-piste descent. It also has lively nightlife, you can try out the Ice Rock Caf, Wild Wallabies, casinos, bowling alleys and many others. As for restaurants, some of the well known ones are La Cordée with traditional food, Satsuki (Asian specific), L’Impossible (Italian), etc.

As you can see, there is never a dull moment when vacationing in these amazing locations. Do not let any more time go by. Book a holiday home in France and make your dreams come true with a wonderful winter sports holiday.

Festivals and Events around the world from Germany, India, Australia, South Africa, Chile and the Uniited States. Whether you're after a foodie and wine event, are looking to celebrate a religious festival in a new culture, are in to gardening, house music or birds - there will be a festival around the world for you to get involved in this November!

Diwali lanterns on the floor
Image Courtesy of © Subharnab Majumdar

Festivals and Events around the world from Germany, India, Australia, South Africa, Chile and the Uniited States.Toast To The Coast, 2-3rd November: Held at the Geelong wineries in Victoria, Australia is the ‘Toast to the Coast’ food and wine event. More than 25 wineries are on show with entertainment, food, drinks, and music.

Diwali, 3rd November: Diwali, known around the world as the ‘Festival of Lights’, is held in India each year. It’s a 5 day Hindu festival and official holiday. It involves lighting clay lamps to signify good triumphing over evil.

Hamburger Dom, 8th Nov – 8th December: If you want to act like a kid again then check out Hamburger Dom, in Hamburg Germany. This is a huge funfair and attracts around 10million visitors a year.

Creamfields, 11th November: If you’re up for a music festival to see the likes of Underworld, Steve Angello, Luciano, Above & Beyond and Sven Vath then head to Santiago in Chile to Creamfields music festival.

Alaska Bald Eagle Festival, 11th – 17th November: One for the bird lovers is the Alaska Bald Eagle Festival held in Alaska as the name would suggest. This festival is held to celebrate the largest gathering of bald eagles in Alaska, where 3-4000 eagles can be seen feeding on salmon.

Ficksburg Cherry Festival, 21st-23rd November: If you’re up for something slightly different, but altogether an unforgettable experience, head to the Cherry capital of the world, in South Africa for their cherry festival each year – Ficksburg Cherry Festival. Enjoy cherry tours, live music, a half marathon, equestrian events, food and wine and lots of cherries!

Festival Of Roses, 28th Nov – 1st December: The Festival of Roses is held in New Zealand and is one of New Zealand’s best events for garden lovers. It is held to celebrate the start of summer and bloom of roses.

This infographic was created by the travel experts Flight Centre.

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If you’re looking for a place to travel that’s not as well known but offers an amazing time, there are a number of places to consider. While you could take the well-traveled route and visit one of the popular destinations that most people turn to, making your own pathway can be far more exciting.

Valley of Fire State Park
© Alex Proimos

Let’s have a look at five of the top hidden Gems that America has to offer.

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

One place to consider going to is the Valley of Fire State Park located in Nevada. This park stretches over 42,000 acres and is home to a 150 million year old sandstone formation. In addition to that, it also has its own night clubs to visit so you’ll still get a very similar experience to that of which you’d get in Las Vegas.

If you want scenery, this is a great place to accomplish that.

Beaufort, North Carolina

The next place to consider going to is Beaufort, North Carolina. This area has six different cannons and a number of top-notch sights to take in as well. If you’re a big fan of the Forest Gump movie then you can visit some of the films movie locations here, amongst many others. You’ll get to check out delicious tasting gumbo soup along with freshly baked French bread at the local bakeries.

Hammondsport, New York

The next place on the list to consider visiting is Hammondsport, New York. This area is the known for its recycled collection of seaplanes, so if you’re into this type of thing, you’ll love taking a trip to this area.

In addition to that, you’ll also see beautiful vineyards and drink delicious wine on your trip, which is really what makes this a hot spot destination to go to. For any wine lover, it’s a must. There are also a number of unique eateries as well, which are sure to provide an enjoyable experience to anyone.

Weaverville, California

If you want to learn more about culture, consider checking out Weaverville, which is located in California and is home to a number of Chinese people who work hard at keeping this place in top notch condition with the historical landmarks viewable for all who visit.

You’ll get an opportunity to see an 1854 drugstore, which has now been converted into the La Grange Café, which is going to present you with a wide selection of meals to choose form including boar, rabbit, as well as buffalo.

Katy Trail State Park, Missouri

For those who are more active, this is the place to visit. You’ll find this place is home to a wide variety of hikers and cyclists who take in what the area has to offer, going along their 240 mile trails.

In addition to that, you can also check out the nature preserves, vineyards, as well as the review views to take in the scenery.

So make sure that you consider all of these wonderful places as you plan your getaway. Each has something unique to offer and will make for a vacation that you will be sure to remember. Be sure to buy American Dollars when travelling to any of these areas as it will make the trip go that much more smoothly.

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Bangkok, the Thai city, is one of the most visited cities of the world. From a small habitation, it has evolved into a thriving cosmopolitan city in Asia. Of late, it has come on to become a bustling business center in the country. There are many tourist attractions in the country but let us look at the must-visits on our list.

Detail of Gold Pillar of the Grand Palace in Bangkok
© Hash Varsani


Wat Arun is located on the west bank of the River Chao Phraya. It is one of the most dazzling attractions in the city and a stunning piece of architecture in Thailand. It stands tall and different from the rest of the temples in the country. It looks beautiful and majestic during sunset. Spend at least an hour exploring its magnificent grandeur and glory.; Morning hours offer a peace, which you would otherwise miss throughout the day.


Grand Palace is one of the must-sees in Bangkok. It offers a spectacular sight for the eyes. Built in 1782, this palace today represents one of the prominent landmarks of the city. Home to the Thai royals for 150 years, it is a masterpiece in itself. Visitors traveling into Bangkok make it a point to glimpse through its grandeur at least once during their trip.


A pioneer in the floating market, this place continues to awe visitors each day with similar emotions. The place provides an authentic experience. The floating rowboats provide an amazing treat to the visitors. These boats full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers offer a unique sight to the visitors in a business city. Boat tours of this market are a soothing experience.


Wat Pho situated behind the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is a great place to visit, in fact, one of the must-visits in the city. A large temple complex that features the renowned reclining Buddha measuring 46 meters long, the temple is a wonder. Ten minutes away from the Grand Palace, you can combine a trip here along with that to the palace. You can also soothe your muscles with the traditional Thai massage here.


Meet the Venice of the East in Bangkok and explore its fascinating canals that offer striking resemblance to the magnificent canals of the Italian city. This place is perfect to roam around with your special one. The aura and the ambiance is romantic, setting a perfect backdrop for that great time with your loved one. Enjoy the water or the floating wooden shop houses. Feel a blissful life away from the cliché noise of the flourishing city. The peace, the calm, and the tranquil are worth it. Witness a different Bangkok and be amazed at its offerings!

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Many people make a beeline for the harbour city of Sydney while in Australia, and the best hotels in Sydney are certainly very welcoming to tourists. However, do you know which attractions and sights you’d be ready to see when you arrive?

sydney opera house at night

We’ve got some suggestions you may want to discover more about – all within easy access of the best hotels in Sydney. Make sure you add these to your itinerary, whatever else you may have included – you’ll be glad you did.

Darling Harbour

It certainly sounds very welcoming, and in truth Darling Harbour has plenty to offer if you are keen to find somewhere picturesque to walk round and explore. While some of the best hotels in Sydney can be found here, there is a popular cafe complex here that provides a nice place to kick back and relax – and there is plenty more to do too. For example, the Chinese Garden of Friendship is a main attraction, offering plenty of greenery and places to sit and watch the world go by.

Taronga Zoo

This is a very popular zoo both with tourists and locals and there is plenty to do here to fill an entire day. There are a number of tours you can take part in if you wish as well as plenty of other activities on a daily basis. For example, you can listen to some of the interesting daily talks with keepers to find out more about the activities on offer and how the animals are looked after. Check out the interactive online and plan a route through the zoo to suit the length of time you’ll be there.

Luna Park

You really can’t miss the entrance to Luna Park, as it is marked by two towers joined together by a massive laughing clown face. Located at spectacular Milsons Point on the harbour, it is relatively close by to some of the best hotels in Sydney. The park originally opened in 1935, and while it has closed for several periods since then (for different reasons) it is now open to the public again and has been completely overhauled to ensure it offers an unsurpassed experience. There are plenty of fun rides in the park, including Tumblebug, Wild Mouse (a rollercoaster), Dodgem City and the child friendly Magic Castle. There are many other attractions in Luna Park too, making it a popular destination for those on holiday as well as Sydneyites.

These three attractions merely scratch the surface of the attractions this stunning Australian city boasts, and, of course, you can add in the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House as well.

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