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pregnant woman

If you are pregnant, then you will want to make sure that you take a few things into consideration before you jump on a plane to take a flight.

You want to make sure that your trip is as comfortable as possible, and the good thing is that there are a few things that you can do to ensure that is the case.  There are also a few other considerations that are important for pregnant women to think about before flying.

Know When it is Safe to Travel

First, you will want to make sure that you know when it is a safe time for you to travel.  Most doctors will recommend that you not fly during the first trimester of your pregnancy, because you will be in the risky part of your pregnancy.  This is the time that most miscarriages happen, and you don’t want to get on a plane and amplify these risks.  You also want to avoid traveling by plane after the 34th week of your pregnancy, because you don’t want to deliver on the plane!

Drink Plenty of Water

It is also important for you to drink plenty of water.  When you drink a lot of water, you won’t get dehydrated.  This is really something that you need to consider, because if you don’t get enough water and get dehydrated, you will likely be uncomfortable and have to deal with a lot of swelling.  The cabin air is also usually dry, and it can do a number on you if you don’t drink enough water.

Wear Support Tights

You might also consider wearing support tights.  These can really help a whole lot when it comes to making sure that your blood is circulating freely.  This can also help to reduce the risk of a blood clot, and help to prevent leg and ankle pain and swelling after the flight.  Just make sure that you are fitted, because you need to wear tights that will fit you well if you want them to serve their purpose.  This is something that many women don’t consider, but it can really usually help out a whole lot. As a word of advice however, it is always in your best interest to discuss things such as support tights with a GP before wearing them. They may not be suitable for everyone.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Finally, you should wear a comfortable pair of shoes.  You don’t want to wear shoes that aren’t going to offer you comfort.  While you may not be on your feet too much on the plane, you might have to do a lot of walking around to make your connections at the airport, and you will want to do this with ease.

As you can see, there are a few things that can really make flying a lot easier on pregnant women.  You shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable on the plane.  You just really have to take a closer look at the things that you can do to make it easier on you.  If you travel when it is safe, drink plenty of water, and wear the right shoes and support tights, you shouldn’t have any problem at all with your travels.

Louisa Jenkins is a freelance blogger with a focus on health and wellness. Here she discusses how support tights or stockings from the likes of Credenhill, comfy shoes and other such things are a great boon for pregnant women looking to fly.

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Hand stealing wallet

Traveling internationally can be an eye-opening and educational experience that might literally change the way you view the world. You can discover other places, foods and ways of viewing the world that are more enjoyable than anything you might experience in your own backyard. Still, it is important to remember to follow some safety guidelines while traveling outside of your country, since you are not as familiar with your surroundings and because there are some unscrupulous people wherever you might go who target foreigners.

Travel Tips To Note Down

When traveling internationally it is never a good idea to go alone. When you are alone you are more vulnerable to attacks of all kinds. A criminal will view two or more people as a greater threat to them if those people fight back or attempt to get help, whereas a single person can be subdued much more easily.

Gemma, owner of the volunteer in Africa site says “No matter how many people go with you on your trip, you should always let people behind know your itinerary.”

This means giving family members, friends or neighbors information about travel arrangements, where you will be staying and when you plan on returning. You should also make an effort to contact those people periodically during your trip to let them know you are okay.

Contact your government to file all the necessary paperwork long before you plan on traveling. You will need a passport and likely a visa to travel abroad, which can take a while to obtain. Many governments have a travel registration program you can sign up for that lets your government know where you will be during your trip and how you can be contacted. In the event of an emergency the government will contact you and provide instructions or assistance. Your government will also let you know of any potential threats where you are going.

Always avoid wearing clothing or jewelry that might be viewed as expensive. Often criminals who are looking for foreigners to rob will note if people are wearing jewelry or other items that look expensive. If so, these criminals will assume you have more expensive items and perhaps a fair amount of money on you. You should also avoid showing off any expensive personal electronics since those can also attract criminals.

If you must take a significant quantity of cash with you, carry it in a pouch or other device that keeps the money next to your body. Keeping large quantities of cash in your wallet or pockets makes you an easy target for a pickpocket. When you make a small purchase people might see you have plenty of bills in your wallet. If the money is literally pressed against your body under your clothing, people won’t know it’s there and can’t quietly take it from you.

Our Final Tip

Know the local laws and customs before you arrive. There are plenty of quality guides both online and at libraries or bookstores that supply information about international travel destinations. Learning the laws where you will be traveling as well as local customs will make your trip that much more pleasant and help you avoid running into trouble with the local authorities.

Craig is a regular blogger who enjoys to write about technology and travel related subjects. In his time, Craig has explored many places in the World, from backpacking around Australia right through to taking part in community volunteer projects in Africa.

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Lopud Island seascape

Croatia is a country vibrant in beautiful beaches and parties as well as stunning architecture and gorgeous landscape. Whether holidaying with a group of friends, solo or with family, Croatia caters to all needs and all budgets.


One of the main attractions that draw young people to Croatia is the abundant festivals. Hideout festival is set on Pag Island and is the perfect destination to party to dnb acts and world class djs whilst on the sandiest beach in town. Perhaps the most famous, Outlook festival at the beginning of September is where the real party-hard head to. Situated near Pula, this event brings together some of the finest bass artists and famous boat parties, and has recently expanded in size due to popularity.

Water Sports

With over 2,000 miles of coastline known as the Dalmation Coast, Croatia plays host to an array of water sporting activities. Popular excursions include Sea Kayaking and there are packages available from the many islands, the somewhat rocky nature of the shores and calm winds providing a beautiful environment for this. Water skiing, boat trips and scuba diving are all extremely popular in these crystal clear waters. For more advice on activities in Croatia check out lowcostholidays.

Exploring Outdoors

Croatia is a land of beauty. Aside from the fabulous coastline, the Dinaric Alps, rivers and inland plains provide brilliant scope for treks. KRKA National Park in Sibenik-Kinn is home to the Skradinski Buk waterfall – a stunning feature flowing over 17 steps and spanning over 200 metres through the forest. Plitvice Lakes is a similar destination- a rival when it comes to breath-taking water falls in Croatia. If you fancy trekking, take the Premuzic trail through the mountains for 50km, high enough to provide views of the sea and valleys below.


As a coastal country, there is of course lots of sea life to marvel at. Dolphins, fish, raptors and pelicans can be found by the shore line, and bears and lynx can be found inland. Take a trip to Cres Island to visit the Griffon vulture rescue centre or to Sjeverni Velebit National Park which covers the northern area of Velebit Mountain and has beautiful botanic gardens.


Croatian architecture is a beautiful mix of avant garde, flamboyant palaces from the 18th century and gothic, fort-like buildings dating back to the Renaissance and times of a split nation. With the Ottoman Empire playing a huge part of the country’s historic struggles, much of the architecture reflects this in Baroque style churches and palaces especially seen in Dubrovnik’s church of St Vlaho.  Most recently Croatia won it’s War of Independence from Serbia and finally became a country of its own again only a mere 20 years ago, allowing freedom of expression.

This article is by lowcostholidays. If you would like more information on holidays to Croatia check out lowcostholidays on facebook.

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Toronto at dusk

Although it’s the largest city in Canada, Toronto, the capital of Ontario, gets less attention from visitors than other big draws such as Vancouver or Montreal. It has plenty of charms though, and more than enough entertaining cultural visits to sustain a pleasant holiday.

You could almost call it Canada’s New York – there’s a very cosmopolitan atmosphere to the place, because the population are so diverse – nearly half the residents are non-native. Here’s a rough guide to the best Toronto has to offer the visitor.

For Him

Hockey Hall of Fame

Ice Hockey is the national sport of Canada, and a more visceral, thrilling sight you are unlikely to see. Pucks get smashed through the air like speeding bullets towards intrepid keepers wrapped up like the Michelin Man for protection; fights break out with alarming regularity, and the crowds go absolutely nuts. Even if you’re not a fan, it’s hard not to get excited at a game, so make a point of seeking one out while you’re here. The Hall of Fame celebrates the history of the sport, and carries many interesting exhibits such as the mask worn by legendary Terry Sawchuk.

For Her

Bata Shoe Museum

In downtown Toronto, a very unique building showcases more than 10,000 pairs of footwear across cultures and generations. From Egyptian sandals to a pair of socks worn by Napoleon, Dutch clogs to Marilyn Monroe’s bright red high heels – the collection is vast. Perhaps you may think the subject of shoes not particularly interesting, but the Bata Museum does a great job of interpreting how what people from different parts of the world choose to wear on their feet ties in with their sense of national identity. Fascinating, and not at all smelly.

For the Kids


This is a wonderful little amusement park located on an island just off the coast. Particularly suited to smaller children, there’s a wide range of fun rides including log flumes, an antique carousel and teacups to keep them having fun all day long. There’s also a charming farm-cum-petting zoo to explore, and the deli cafe on site affords fantastic views of Toronto.

For All the Family

CN Tower

Probably the essential visit in Toronto, the CN Tower was, until 2010, the tallest building in the world, and remains the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere. You can take a meal in the revolving restaurant of this architectural marvel, and on a clear day see for miles. And for the brave-hearted, why not experience a walk around the edge, outside, connected to the building only by bungee cord. Ulp!

Kensington Market

As previously mentioned, the Toronto community is very diverse. This is nowhere better illustrated than the Kensington Market district, where you can find a massive array of stalls, cafes and shops selling unusual foodstuffs, arts n crafts and more. Now a National Historic Site, holidays to Canada online often feature Kensington Market as a must-visit. It’s reputed to be Toronto’s most photographed place, and an afternoon whiled away here is well-spent.

Toronto Islands

One of the most pleasurable ways to spend a day in Toronto is taking the ferry over to one of the little islands off the coast, and hire some bikes to explore. Well-maintained paths enable you to cover plenty of distance. There are also a lot of events taking place throughout the year such as sailing festivals. And if you pass the Gibraltar Point lighthouse, listen out for moans – it’s supposed to be haunted.

Rob lived in Toronto for three years, and still holidays there from time to time.

 If the weather is right, cycling can be a fun, efficient and easy way of getting around many cities. By getting on a bike you can see much more of a city than you would by walking.  While being on two wheels you can also access harder to reach places that you wouldn’t be able to in a car.

Whether you join an organised tour, hire a bike for the day or you are using your own bike, cycling makes for a great way to move away from the tourist trail. Here we suggest some of the best cities to pedal around:


city bikes in Amsterdam

The self-proclaimed most bicycle-friendly capital city in the world, in Amsterdam over 60% of trips within the city centre are made by bike.

With a flat landscape, special bicycle traffic lights and an extensive network of cycle paths, Amsterdam is a perfect city to explore on two wheels.

For the perfect Amsterdam cycle, perhaps avoid the extremely well-used thoroughfares in the city centre and instead follow the route of the Amsterdam-Brussels long distance cycle route which will allow you to take in sights such as Nieumarkt Square, the Amstel River, the Magere Brug, the Stopera concert hall and the Royal Carré theatre.

Cycling is also a great way to see Amsterdam’s surrounding countryside – castles, tulip fields and windmills can all be found just a simple bike ride away from the city centre.


bikes in copenhagen

Another city that claims to be the most bicycle-friendly capital city in the world, Copenhagen is indeed a city that loves cycling. Every day, 1.2 million kilometres are cycled by the city’s citizens with 36% of journeys to work, school or university made by bike.

Hardly seen anywhere else, Copenhagen features 350 kilometres of segregated cycle tracks. The tracks are one directional, with one cycle track on each side of the street flowing the same way as other vehicles and segregated from the road by curbs 7-9cm in height.

For a scenic trip just south-east of the city, head to Amager Beach. Here, you will see white sandy beaches, parkland and dunes.


night scene of two men riding a bike

For a less conventional touristy cycle, head to Madrid’s Anillo Verde. With 60km of dedicated cycle path circumnavigating the city, the route will take you alongside the Manzanares river and through the parkland of Casa de Campo.

Cycling along the Anillo Verde will take you on paths through both urban and parkland environments, all of which feature unique views and are completely segregated from other vehicles.


man riding a bike in berlin

For those who prefer to cycle through a city as part of a tour, Berlin makes the perfect location. The city is home to many cycle tour companies which will allow you to cycle as part of a group and see the sights. One such tour company, Fat Tire Bike Tours will take you past key areas such as Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall, the watchtower and the Victory Column.

With wide pavements with bike paths built into them, a flat landscape and a multitude of parks you can cycle through, Berlin is a great place to get on your bike.

Points to consider

  • Safety – As you will be in a foreign city you may not be used to its traffic regulations. Be sure to read up on these before you get on the bike. While most of the cities featured here have dedicated cycle lanes there will be areas where you could be faced with other vehicles.
  • Bike security – With bicycle-friendly cities comes cycle thieves unfortunately. In Amsterdam bicycle theft is widespread; in 2005 around 54,000 bikes were stolen from the city. With this in mind ensure your cycling kit list includes a heavy –duty dependable lock and that you leave your bike in areas where it can be seen by all.

This article was brought to you by Cycle SOS, a team of specialist cycling lawyers providing legal assistance to those involved in cycling accidents.

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landscape image of yasuni national park

Traveling is not always about visiting the most well-known places of the world and indulging yourself in a host of fun, frolic and adventurous activities with friends and family.

As a traveler who plans out each of his trips sagaciously, you might as well believe in having a very clear picture of the place you’re visiting. You listen to the experiences shared by your friends or neighbors who have already visited the place in question and are absolutely delighted in thronging the destination with a host of co-travelers – most of whom you don’t even know.

All that is ok. There’s nothing wrong in being a sagacious tripper who likes to plan out each of the trips thoroughly. But it’s also advisable that you leave some space for uncertainty. Don’t try to be an absolute control freak when it comes to traveling. There should be a sense of “discovery” when you reach your dream destination- even if you’re not visiting for the first time. It’s good to take advice of friends regarding road safety, food, special attraction etc, but don’t be afraid to explore. If you’re planning to visit some of the most famous tourist destinations in the coming year, make sure that you’re including some of the lesser-known traveling destinations of the world in your travel plan as well.

Adorned by the bounteous gifts of nature, these places promise no less delight than the leading destinations do. Given below are some of the most underrated tourist destinations of Latin America that can be a part of your travel plan for the coming years.

Some of the Most Beautiful but Lesser-Visited Travel Destinations of Latin America

  • Panama – Panama’s status as a tourist destination is often eclipsed by its neighbour Costa Rica. However, once its potentials are fully explored, it won’t be long before tourists start thronging this place. Owing to its uniquely strategic geographical placement it’s possible to visit both the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans on the same day. However, this is not the only reason why you should consider this place as a possible holiday retreat. The Panama City has emerged as the hub of posh restaurants, art galleries and cafes. The Chagres National Park is a definite stopover on your way to the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. This park has thriving rivers, rain forests, artesian aquifers and lakes.
  • Ecuador: Ecuador’s capital city, Quito was declared the first UNESCO World Heritage. It stands as one of the highest capitals in the world at 9,350 feet. Give yourself some days to acclimate here but do check it out. Take the pleasure of traversing both the northern and the southern parts of the world just by the virtue of a car ride. The equator passes through a village that can be reached by a car. The Las Cajas National Park near the Cuenca city can be checked out as well. Located at 10,000 feet this one presents a rare spectacle of the crystalline lakes reflecting the Andes. Cuenca itself has a substantial colonial history.
  • Uruguay: Founded in the year 1811, Uruguay remains one of the most beautiful places of Latin America. Do visit Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay for its serene picturesque beauty of sycamores and streets covered with cobbles.

Do Check Them Out!

Book your cheap business class tickets today and head for one of these exciting destinations today. Be the first among your friends to visit one of these places…and this time, be the sharer of your own stories of traversing the less trodden path! J

Author Bio: Jonny is a seasoned travel blogger who has written a host of well-written posts in the recent times. Travel tips, destinations and smart travel are mostly covered as topics.

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Street scene of Hong Kong

If you’re reading this article right now, chances are that you already have your mind set on spending your next holiday at Hong Kong Kowloon. And what an exceedingly great choice that is; especially if it’s your first time visiting countries in that region. Why? First and foremost: if it’s your first time visiting countries in Eastern Asia, English is not widely spoken and conversing with the locals could be a challenge. Hong Kong is however different with just about everyone being able to speak the language; at least at conversational level. Although Cantonese is the country’s main language, English has been adopted and embraced in all areas such as schooling and business conversation throughout.

Besides language, traveling around in Hong Kong Kowloon is very easy and convenient, given the sophisticated mass transit system that has been installed throughout the island. Besides, it’s not that big a country and you would find lots of people walking and cycling on top of the many taxis and buses, found all along the main roads.

Is Hong Kong only for city dwellers? What about people who prefer nature? Although it is more vastly known for shopping, lights, sound, music and city entertainment, Hong Kong Kowloon is situated right next to the sea. That speaks something in itself when it comes to nature. Besides jumping onto one of the famous Star Ferry boats for a ride, there’s Hong Kong’s long time standing cable car that spans across the two islands. In addition to enjoying the view hanging above nothing but water, the strong ocean wind coming in from the open sea adds excitement to Hong Kong’s cable car ride. And there’s no better place to get on board one of the compartments than from Hong Kong’s very own Ocean Park which is home to the Pandas and other wildlife.

As for family travelers, Hong Kong is one giant entertainment complex. There’s endless amount of shopping for moms, places such as Disneyland that kids would simply love and a vast array of gadgets and electronics that dads could spend hours browsing through.

So we’ve answered a few questions here already: Hong Kong Kowloon is a great destination pick for family travelers, for people who love shopping and even for those who prefer nature. As for traveling around and about, there’s more than one easy public transportation option available.

Hence, we come to the next important question, which is: where to stay? There is no lack of hotel and accommodation when it comes to Hong Kong. Quite surprisingly though is that hotels in the more popular tourist areas, are almost always full. Here are some of our top picks which are located in the center of all the hustle and bustle; easy to travel to and from, provides top-notch service and offers truly comfortable stays: Novotel Hong Kong Nathan Road, Holiday Inn the Golden Mile and Kowloon Shangri-La (which is a bit on the expensive side but lives up to the rates).

Next, you can’t really say you’ve been to Hong Kong if you haven’t tasted a handful of the local food and delicacies. Besides so-called Chinese food such as noodles and dim sum, there are in fact a whole lot of menus to try. If you’re really up for the challenge, you might want to try some of the herb stews found at a few of the more traditional restaurants. is a restaurant guide for Hong Kong that foodies would love. The website is in English so there’s no harm doing a bit of research, before heading out for the next eating conquest.

Last but not least, Hong Kong is all about culture and tradition and most likely you’ll find yourself traveling during one of the countries many celebrated festivals that occur year-round. When it comes to Hong Kong, there is no such thing as a one-time visit.


Viktoria Mully has a passion for travel guest blogging. Being a traveler herself, Viktoria has traveled many countries on backpack. She has an interest for learning new things about a countries, culture and of course, food!

Image Courtesy : image source | License: Creative Commons

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Beach In Zanzibar

What Do You Want From A Beach Holiday?

Whatever kind of beach dweller you are, however you normally like to take your holiday and whatever you want from your next beach holiday, you might just find that Tanzania has everything you could wish for and more.

Diving and Snorkelling

If having your head under the water is your thing then you’ll find Tanzania’s beaches are the perfect destination for your diving or snorkelling excursions. Pemba Island, which can be found due north of the island of Zanzibar, is quickly becoming recognised as of the best dive spots along the entire east African coastline; with a range of levels, from beginner to advanced. Mafia Island further south has had its 50km coastline designated a national marine park, so you know you’ll see something special there. Off Zanzibar itself, there are further top class dive spots with on land facilities to suit every taste and budget.

Beach Bumming

With miles of white sands and an azure sea under the African sun, there can be few better places in the world to spend time simply kicking back and relaxing. Even the most stressed out city dweller will find that within a few days, their desire to rush around will diminish and they’ll succumb to some proper rest and relaxation on the beaches of Tanzania. Sitting with the sand between your toes, drinking a cocktail, playing backgammon or simply watching the world go by, you will surprisingly quickly find a way to fill your days so you go back to your normal life with your batteries fully re-charged. And perhaps taking with you a new perspective on what’s important in life.


Tanzania has a fascinating history, and this has resulted in a cosmopolitan culture that takes the best from everyone and everything that has influenced it. Around the beaches and coastal towns you’ll find colourful Tanzanian everyday life being played out in front of you. If you step a bit further afield, you’ll find fascinating cultural experiences like Stone Town on Zanzibar, with its maze of narrow alleys lined by houses, shops, bazaars and mosques. It was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2000 for its remaining and unique combination of Arab and colonial architecture.


Of course no trip to Tanzania would be complete without encountering some of the wildlife, that calls this part of Africa its home. If you visit the beaches South of Dar, you can see some of the big wildlife Africa is famous for in the morning, and be back on the beach in the afternoon. All this is just a 10 minute flight away from bustling Dar es Salaam.

That’s not really covering it all; plenty of other activities including horse riding, kite surfing, boat trips, river safaris and so much more can all be experienced from your base on the beach. It really is true that something for everyone can be found on Tanzian Beaches. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain… Including some great memories.

Wendy Lin is a writer and artist. She specialises in guest blogging and enjoys painting- specifically watercolor. She is enjoying her quiet life in the countryside of England with her family.

License: Creative Commons image source

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butler serving sparkling wine

The hotel industry has never been more competitive; therefore, you are far more likely to find spectacular luxury items in your hotel room. These are the 10 luxury items you want in your hotel room:

Baby Butlers and Baby Amenities

If you are traveling with a baby, many luxury hotels now offer baby butlers to either care for the baby or to provide parents with anything they could possibly require to ensure their baby also has a spectacular experience.

Smart Rooms

You will be able to control all aspects of the room by a control from the lights to the curtains. It is also likely that a smart room will be equipped with the most advanced technology available from charging stations to flat screen televisions in all rooms.

Room Service for Pets

Today, many people choose to travel with their pets and hotels are taking notice. Your best friend may have access to gourmet food, spa services, and clothes all conveniently delivered the room.

Customized Adventures

Some hotels are differentiating themselves from the competition by providing customized adventures for those guests seeking a bit more excitement such as taking a private jet to a secluded island for a bit of romance or a speedboat cruise through city waterways for rapid sightseeing.

Gourmet Foodie Experience

Luxury hotels are now offering private grilling areas and kitchens inside rooms and suites. You will be able to order food to grill and cook from room service for additional convenience.

Personal Monogrammed Robes and Slippers

Luxurious robes and slippers have been offered for decades. In recent years, certain luxury hotels have started to provide custom monogrammed robes and slippers for all guests to make their stay even more memorable.

Luxurious Bedding and Linens

If you are going to stay in a top hotel, you should expect that the bedding and linens will be at least as good as the ones you sleep on at home. Some hotels even sell their linen collections.


It is becoming more common that hotels at least offer adapters to borrow at the front desk, however certain hotels charge for such services and others do not provide enough adapters for all guests to be able to use them. Many top hotels provide adapters inside each room as additional luxury items.

Personalised Complimentary Amenities

If you frequent a luxury hotel with great consistency, they might fill your room with your favourite foods, drinks, and complimentary activities. Some will also provide custom welcome gifts, birthday packages, and more.

Flight Board and Weigh Station

One of the most impressive luxury items to have in your room is a flight board and weigh station. This is not yet common in all rooms, however many luxury hotels will have these items located somewhere in the hotel for everyone to use.

Hotels will always be trying to provide greater amenities and services than their competitors and you will only continue to benefit from their efforts. These luxury items are certain to ensure each guest leaves with incredible memories.


John goes on holiday 3 times a year. His favourite place is Cornwall, where he chooses to stay at The Alverton Hotel, for its fabulous service and luxurious rooms.

Image Licence: Creative Commons

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Koh Samui Lamai View point

Koh Samui Is Not Only About White Beaches

As many travelers have seen, Koh Samui beaches are exactly the kind of beaches you find in the classifieds. It is a pretty big island where beaches have their own distinct personalities. While some are over-rated, others will blow your mind away. There is a beach for every type of adventure or purpose.

For instance, for singles who want to mingle, commercialized beaches such as Chaweng Beach and Lamai Beach are ideal. For those who travel with their family, Mae Nam Beach is the perfect spot. For backpackers interested in diving, Bophut Beach provides the best diving tours.

There are several other beaches in the island that are not yet fully developed. But aside from its glorious waters and stunning white-sand beaches, Koh Samui has so much more to offer.

Interesting Activities to Do in Koh Samui

On the average, travelers often spend 3 days and 2 nights in Thailand. Surely, there is much more to do than swim, dive, and bask under the sun. Here is a checklist of activities you must include in your itinerary when visiting the island.

– Check out Samui Crocodile Farm and get a monk tattoo.

One of the most important, yet often forgotten activities when visiting a place is to bask in local culture. In Koh Samui, there is no better way to learn about the locals and how they live than to spend time in Bophut. Plus, the place offers several attractions that every traveler will love. It hosts a daily monkey and elephant show, and it is home to the Samui Crocodile Farm – a fascinating place to learn more about Koh Samui’s animal life. If you want to get one of those infamous monk tattooes, go straight to Bophut’s Big Buddha temple.

– Visit local temples and two mummies of monks.

Speaking of temples, Koh Samui is home to a 12-meter gilded statue of Buddha. This golden statue is situated at Wat Phra Yai in Koh Fan. Those who want to better understand Thailand’s religion can get a guide when making a tour at the Big Buddha. In addition to the Big Buddha temple, there are two mummified bodies of monks which are worth visiting. The first monk was named Loung Por Ruam, which is on display at Wat Kiri Wongkaram. The second monk was was called Loung Por Daeng, whose mummified body is on display at Wat Khunaram.

– Play football golf.

If you’re into sports, you need to try Samui’s Football Golf. As what the name of the game implies, Football Golf is a hybrid sport that combines golf and football or soccer. The players kick a soccer ball into 18 holes in the fewest attempts possible. Football Golf is preferred by groups of friends and families because unlike go-kart racing and bungee jumping, this involves teamwork and is therefore more fun to play.

– Enjoy Hin Lad and Namuang Waterfalls.

Those who would like to take a dip in freshwater will definitely enjoy Koh Samui’s waterfalls. Two of the most popular waterfalls in the area are Hin Lad and Namuang. To get to these falls, travelers have to endure a two-kilometer hike so good footwear is necessary. Recommended months to visit these waterfalls are from September to March when there is enough supply of water.

When people think of Koi Samui and Thailand in general, they think of pristine beaches. While this is true, let’s not forget that the place has several other attractions to offer. When visiting the place anytime soon, plan your itinerary well and include the activities on the list.

License: Creative Commons image source

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